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ISO Cloud Tools has been building its core functionality since 2012.  We initially developed it for Marshall Plastic Film Company from GraceHost (dot) Net - the parent company.

Marshall Plastic - Initial product emphasis was low density polyethylene flexible packaging; specifically packaging of other manufacturers for use of packaging their products. The emphasis on this Industrial Packaging product line encouraged the acquisition of facilities enabling the production of a wide range of product sizes and thicknesses in significant volumes.

Also as GraceHost (dot) Net, we have supplied our portal technology to American System Registrar for their worldwide auditors.

ASR is a customer focused international registrar with a unique approach to registration.

Then licensing it under OurBizPort.com, we have used the ISOcloudTools for AcornSI. 

Acorn Science & Innovation, Inc. (AcornSI) is focused on providing technology-based solutions and services to the US Government and its partners. Headquartered in Northern Virginia, AcornSI solves our customer’s toughest problems through the creation and use of emerging technologies.

We are scheduling our next licensing venture in April 2018 with Conformance Portal LLC.

As with the above organization, if you are interested in a non-exclusive licensing agreement, contact us.

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